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Fire Lizard and Free Holder Said in Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Most outdoor lime can light an dogs if it gets moist. Lime is considered in HAZMAT situations as a caustic agent. I have occupied lime then covered it with shavings or turned it into the soil wet it, let it dry and put down shavings. I now use a product called Quatricide PV. Safer and kills the fragrance but costs more.

patti_tree Said in Wednesday, May 03, 2006

agricultural lime is stronger than garden lime. I'm not a chemist. A lot of people will use garden lime to assuage their lawns, and neutralize urine spots in the lawn. If you are going to use it in kennel I would use extreme caution. Make firm that you rake up all feces. Apply lime with spreader if you have one and water it in well. Lime will burn dogs pads. That is why you need to water it in well. You can also purchase pelletized lime, (garden lime) It drops better from a...