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Abigor Said in Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I have yet to see ANYTHING on an infomercial that works. I as far as one is concerned used a shock collar to train my 4 Rotties and if used properly and NOT ABUSED some people do because they are idiots, it works reasonable fine. And works on the same concept. When a pup does wrong what does the mom do.....nips the pup on the neck. What does Cesar Millan do....acts like a old lady biting on the neck. So the shock collar acts the same way, except with the bonus of it being surprised. The dog...

anon.. Said in Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The "Knowledge Collar" link 1 bears a striking resemblance to a martingale collar Link 2. The encircle can be either of chain or nylon.
I prefer these collars for training as they are much more humane than choke chains or prong collars.
I cannot say anything about his methods. I am unfamilier with him. On the whole any training that uses positive renforcement gets my seal of approval (for what it's worth)